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Introduction to a mock-up of what you will be filling out as the Application for GAMER 2024 In-person
  1. It is important to review what is necessary for the application so that you gather the
    information needed in a timely manner.

  2. Although there are several forms to be filled out for the application submission, please do NOT get intimidated by the application process. We are NOT expecting a perfect proposal for your application. Most applicants will NOT have done a post-doctoral fellowship and be regularly applying for NIH grants. Contact Rick Segal at and he will walk you through the process if needed.

  3. The application can only be submitted once. You will be uploading five documents for
    your application: two letters of support, your biosketch, your faculty mentor's biosketch and your research plan. Please have your biosketch and research plan in final form before you submit.

  4. The following are the sections within the on-line application itself:

    • General and demographic information about you

    • Information on your research and education experience

    • Information about where you might submit the grant proposal you work on at GAMER

    • Who you would be a home institution mentor? This person could be a collaborator but more importantly they are someone besides GAMER mentors to help you cross the finish line of grant submission. Under some circumstances they may not be at your institution. Contact Rick Segal if you have questions about the “home” mentor.

    • Letter of support from your Department Chair/Division Head/Unit Head that clearly indicates strong support of your attendance at the workshop and your development as an education researcher including protected time and financial support for attendance at workshop.

    • Letter of support and Biosketch from your faculty mentor who will provide input before and after workshop to help you develop your grant writing skills and education research trajectory.

    • Your proposal that includes the basic parts of typical grant proposals

    • Finally, there are questions about how you plan on developing as a researcher


Remember, contact Rick Segal at and he will walk you
through the process if needed.

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